About Us

Berdandy Studios makes tabletop games. We specialize in mechanics-light, story-heavy collaborative experiences.

Berdandy Studios operates using an Iterative Open Pre-order Model. As pre-orders are received, better art and more content replaces and/or supplements the functional placeholders created by Berdandy Studios. Everyone benefits as the product gets better. This is a compelling (and hopefully sustainable) alternative to Crowdfunding Campaign models of game development.

Questions? Ping @andyberdan on twitter or email andy@berdan.ca or subscribe below.

Where to Find Our Games

You can order directly from Berdandy Studios using Gumroad

Some of Berdandy Studios’ more experimental games can also be found on itch.io:

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Berdandy Studios creates a livestreamed tabletop game design talk show, called GMParty. You can watch GMParty on YouTube.

GMParty is an online recreation of the social game designer chat that tends to happen at conventions and conferences when you happen to get a few designers in the same space together. We usually start with a topic, and then move into a workshopping segment of the show.

Questions? Ping @andyberdan on twitter or email andy@berdan.ca

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